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shalakya tantra (opthalmology & eNT)

The teaching and training about the disorders of the Supra clavicular region is being imparted by this department through OPD and IPDs. It also deals with the classical management of the diseases of Teeth, Ear, Nose, Throat and Eyes like- Dantashula (toothache), Chala Danta (loose teeth), Badhirya (deafness), Karna Roga (ear problems), diminished vision, Ardhavabhedaka (migraine), Khalitya (hair fall)&shirahshoola (Headache) etc.

There is a well-developedShalakya Tantra department in our institution having all required facilities like – Instruments, Equipments models, Charts, Tutorial room cum Museum, Departmental Library etc. to provide proper teaching and training to the students.

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