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rognidan evum vikriti vigyana (pathology)

The normal state of mind and body is Prakriti i.e Health and abnormal state of body is called Vikriti i.e Disease.Rogi and RogaPariksha is an essential part of Ayurveda which is useful in early diagnosis of disease, classification of diseases and techniques of diagnosis. It deals with the factors such as

  • The origin of disease as well as pathogenesis, diagnosis and investigations of the disease.
  • Aetio-pathological and clinico-pathological studies of disease.
  • Helps to understand of symptoms & signs of Kashya-Vridhi of Dosha, Dushya and Mala along with Dosha-Dushya Sammurchchhna.
  • Rogapariksha by Nidan Panchak is the base of diagnosis of a disease which include Hetu, Roopa, Poorvaroopa, Upashaya and Samprapti.
  • Rogi- Pariksha by Trividha, Chaturvidha, Kshad-vidha, Ashta-vidha and Dash-vidha, making all possible effort, in early diagnosis of a disease.
  • Kshatikriyakaal that helps in diagnosis of disease and provide us chance to treat the disease in every step such as Sanchaya, Prokopa etc. of Dosha.

The main objectives of Rog Nidana department are to provide good skills of diagnosis to students by Ayurvedic as well as modern technological advances and provide comprehensive knowledge of bed side clinics and advanced investigations with clinical interpretation. A week equipped laboratory is functioning in the department as well as hospital.

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