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rasa shastra evum bhaishajya kalpana (iatrochemistry)

Rasa Shastra is a unique contribution to the domain of medical science, by Ayurveda, which utilizes various purified & processed metals, minerals, mercury and its preparations for treating various ailments.Low dose, tasteless medicines & quick effects are merits of such drugs. This department also provides practical training of unique pharmaceutical processings (Shodhana, Marana, Pishtikarana etc.) of the minerals, precious metals & gems along with formulations like Choorna,Kwatha, Vati, Avaleha, Rasakriya, Taila etc. as well.

Department is fully equipped with various updated scientific instruments, specimens, models, charts etc.. All essential practicals are carried out in the Laboratory as per syllabus. Well-equipped drug Testing Laboratory is provided with various Modern Analytical Instruments and the Physico-chemical tests of the medicines are performed here. Our Vision is attaining perfection in pharmaceutical processing of Ayurvedic formulations with Standard Operative Procedures and quality assurance.

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