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rachana sharir (anatomy)

It is extremely important to know the structure of human body from both Ayurved and Modern medical point of view with regards to its treatment to be done / learnt in future. This is efficiently done through cadaveric dissections, dissected soft parts, models, charts, specimens and available state of the art communication equipments.

Department is engaged in the study of Rachna Sharir/Anatomy, teaching prescribed in Ayurvedic Scriptures, Modern aspects, Practical dissection of human body and demonstration through 3D, 2D models, Charts, PPT Presentation, Specimen etc.


  • Teaching and Training: Team of skilled and dedicated staff of our institution provides excellent theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance to the students.
  • Dissection hall: We provide spacious Dissection hall with all the necessary equipments& Instruments needed for cadaveric dissection and specimen preservation.
  • Museum: Museums and Laboratories are center of interest to the practical study of any discipline.Well maintained Museum containing abundant specimens, Models, Charts for study &reference. The College provides well-equipped labs, Demonstration and Seminar rooms are attached for deliberations and exhaustive discussions. Radiology, Histology & surface anatomy are also integral part of our teaching.
  • Tutorial Room: Spacious tutorial Room for practical classes with provision of latest audio-visual multi-media facilities.
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