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panchkarma (Bio-Purification Methods)

Panchkarma therapy has always been a jewel of Ayurveda by virtue of its alleviative rather than palliative approach.The techniques of Snehana (Oleation), Swedana (Sudation), Abhyanga(Massage), Basti(Enemata), Tarpana, Shirodhara, Vamana, Virechana etc. Eliminative, curative and rejuvenative processes are taught to the students here through the OPD and IPD.

Panchakarma department of our college is fully developed having working models, raw drug samples, Panchakarma instruments, charts, models etc. and departmental library with sufficient collection of literature useful for studying Panchakarma. Department is well equipped with every resource to give best in depth knowledge and clinical understanding of treatments to the young Ayurveda aspirants.

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