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kriya sharir (Physiology)

The normal physiology of human body reflects morbid physiology.This subject is meant to know-how the facts and process of mechanism of normal function by charts, models and video sources.

Alteration and disorder of the normal physiology and development of morbid physiology has been the cause of disease.  It is in the base of any medical science to know the functioning of the structures in the body. The knowledge about the functioning of the various systems of the human body is imparted to the students through laboratory investigations, tests, scientific explanation of mechanical tests and findings, models, charts etc.


  • To educate medical students, with evidence-based teaching, expanding on our track record of innovation and excellence in both research and teaching.
  • To practice patient-centered medicine of the highest standard started from PrakartiParikshan.
  • To find solutions in basic concepts of mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease.
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